Wholesalers of Fresh Dates

Dates are useful fruits that have their special customers.This delicious nutrient is available in some countries around Persian Gulf and people there can easily provide it. But if you are in Europe or other countries far away from middle east, and you are a owner of a super market or a shop you can easily order your favorite fresh Dates from Aflakproducts online. There is a variety of Date product and By-Products there for wholesale.

Wholesalers of Fresh Dates

Types of the Fresh Dates

Types of the Fresh Dates There are many different kinds of dates and you maybe get confused to chose but if you know the difference it would be easier for you.

Date is some kind of fruit that usually is used during Ramadan in Muslim countries.
One of the best kind of Dates is Piarom that is one of the most expensive and most delicious and sweet dates. also it has a big scale. another kind of Date is Rabbi that is some how looks like Piarom and usually exports to countries such as Pakistan. Lu Lu dates also are another kind of dates that have some similarities to plum in the matter of size and also has a huge amount of export.

Another kind of date is Estaamaran or Sayer that is one the Dates that produces in Khuzestan province and usually is tiny and has a brown color. Kabkab is one of the most famous dates in Iran and it has many fans, this kind of date is so sweet and has a thick skin in comparison with other kinds of dates. Zahedi dates is one of the best dates that also has a great amount of exports.

One of the best dates ever it certainly is Rotab Bam Mazafati is one the most famous dates in Iran also is exports to countries such as India and United Arab Emirates and there is known as Kimia. as you saw in this explanation there are many types of dates that the best kinds are for export and even Arab countries like this products and there is no reason for that but quality that is the most important key to know a good product.

What are By-Products of Fresh Dates?

What are By-Products of Fresh Dates?

You have been familiar with different kinds of Dates but there is question here. What are By-Products of Fresh Dates? As a usual definition by product is a secondary unit produced in a joint production process in relation to the main product being produced. In other words, ه But what are By-Products of Date?

The first product is Dates syrup or Dates honey that is some kind of By-Product that even has many usage in producing sugar form drinks such as cola, producing ice cream, candy and etc.Dates liquid sugar is another one that is some kind of Dates syrup that has been refined from salts and is a mixture of sugar, glucose and so on.Dates juice that is an eatable and extracted from the meaty part of Date.Another kind of Dates are the sliced Dates. This kind of By-Products are sliced and combined with some kind of flour to prevent viscosity and sticking to hands and also usually has many usage in baking some kind of breads. And finally there are some kind of pressed parts of Dates that consists small parts that are sliced and organized and packed in suitable packing.

Where to Buy Fresh Date?

Where to Buy Fresh Date? If you like Dates and you are searching for some thing that worth it to pay the price, its better to know that Aflak products produces the best and most delicious dates and is one of the best fresh dates centers on internet. This shop is one of the best fresh dates wholesalers where you can order the best dates available. Also you can purchase fresh dates By-products that you like.

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