Wholesale Supply of Medjool Dates

A dawn-to-dusk chain for wholesale supply of Medjool dates is proudly presented in our supply branch. We pride ourselves in dealing and distributing Medjool dates worldwide. Our finest quality products are capturing the hearts of our customers all over the world. These dates are non-genetically modified fresh dates, rarest in their kind and finest in their quality, arriving to your door on demand. We provide the wholesale price for Medjool dates for retail users, that is, Medjool dates prices provided here are the most customer-friendly ever found. Our quality dates are shipped directly to customers in two shakes of a butterfly.

Wholesale Supply of Medjool Dates

Everything You Need to Know about Medjool Dates

Everything You Need to Know about Medjool Dates All varieties of dates are grown in hot & dry areas. Medjool dates are cultivated in the Middle-east , south-west Asia and north Africa. There are several Medjool dates centers in the word. Iran is also one of the most successful and oldest centers for the cultivation of Medjool dates. These dates are relatively large in size, black in skin and sweet in taste. Large size of Medjool dates and their extraordinary sweetness gave them an apt epithet “king of the dates”.

It is worth noting that the harshly dry climates where Medjool dates grow does not allow the pests and insects to survive. so no insecticide or pesticide is ever used in the cultivation process. They are popular for their natural sweetness bestowed upon them by the creator and their caramel-like taste. These dates are a favorable addition to your diet since they provide your body with fiber, variety of antioxidants and last but not least potassium. The softness of their texture also plays a key role in their worldwide popularity.

Nutrition Information of Medjool Dates

Nutrition Information of Medjool Dates Medjool dates nutrition and nutritious value is one of the key factors that distinguishes this type from others. Experts in the US department of agriculture hold that a single date holds valuable nutritional elements in, namely:

0.4 g of protein

1.6 g of dietary fiber

16 g of sugars

18 grams (g) of carbohydrates

a single Medjool date also gives the following minerals to your body:

167 milligrams (mg) of potassium

15.4 mg of calcium 1

4.9 mg of phosphorus

13 mg of magnesium

0.216 mg of iron

The nutritional values and facts of Medjool dates are multiple. All are a fountain of energy to body , however, Medjool dates have next to zero protein and fat, clearly indicating that athletes and body-builders are in dire need of adding Medjool dates to their daily diet. A clear proof of size does not matter is witnessed in Medjool dates, such that a single Medjool date is approximately one sixteenth of a banana, but holds about twice as much potassium.

In addition to that the texture of Medjool dates is in such a way that contains insoluble fiber. The importance of it becomes clear when we consider the fact that human digestive tract is unable to digest insoluble fiber, it act as a broom inside the body and cleans the digestive system preventing constipation. Since they hold soluble and insoluble fiber, consumption of Medjool dates bring about a fullness after eating and prevents over-eating. An ounce consists of huge amount of carbohydrates. to installing a nuclear power plant in your body whose energy cannot deplete in a day cycle.

Direct Purchase of Medjool Date

Direct Purchase of Medjool Date

We are proudly eliminating the retailers that charge hefty fees to our dear customers. Our products are hand-picked quality Medjool dates that are directly transported to the customer from Medjool farms. Since we put our customer satisfaction as a priority only handpicked Medjool dates with the same size and texture get chosen. We proudly see our customers as the best. We endeavor to provide the best for the best. Most dates are dried and processed after harvest, but not Medjool dates. They are immediately picked and packaged and sorted after harvest. The soft skin does not allow the addition of chemicals, processing or machine-drying. quality Medjool dates are always fresh and tasty. Bon Appetit.

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