Vintage Zahidi Dates Wholesale

The sale of first class Zahidi dates is marketed in several possible ways and is provided to customers. First class Zahidi dates are mainly ready for distribution. Zahidi dates is a type of date produced in Iran that is spread dry and semi-dry. Another name for dates is Zahidi Qasb, which some people know as Zahidi dates. Zahedi date is one of the date cultivars that has a lot of fans and is very popular in domestic and foreign markets.

Vintage Zahidi Dates Wholesale

Golden Zahidi Dates Benefits

Golden Zahidi Dates Benefits Dates are rich in vitamins, which is useful for preventing some diseases such as colds, fatty liver, constipation in pregnant women, stroke, cardiovascular disease, cancer of the stomach and intestines, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Dates for the treatment of some diseases such as seasonal allergies, night blindness and eye disease, treatment of anemia, migraine and headache, hyperlipidemia, hemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea, gastric ulcer, treatment of Fertility in men and diabetes is very useful.

Dried Zahidi dates are one of the most important textures in the tropical region of Iran, which has the highest percentage in the date-growing region of Iran. It is better to remember that dates have a high nutritional value and contain a variety of minerals such as potassium, antioxidants, manganese, magnesium, fiber and vitamin B6. It should be noted that Zahidi dates have countless benefits and advantages that have always been considered by everyone. The most important properties of this product include regulating cholesterol levels, treating anemia, eliminating intestinal worms, relieving constipation, eliminating intestinal disorders, improving heart health, preventing inflammation, improving bone health and better brain function. Zahidi dates benefits are very high and are useful for treating anemia and gastrointestinal diseases.

Grade A Zahidi Dates Markets

Grade A Zahidi Dates Markets Zahidi date market is always hot and prosperous due to its high quality. Customers should refer to reputable agencies to prepare first-class Zahidi dates to ensure the quality of the purchased product. Our main collection, as the main agent, offers this product to all customers with high quality and guarantee, along with a very reasonable and unbelievable price, at the wholesale and retail level. Loved ones who want to buy first-class Zahidi dates can buy from our collection through two methods online or in person. Zahidi dates price is variable and varies depending on the quality and market fluctuations.

From the past to the present in Iran, dates are one of the most popular and best-selling products in all seasons in the domestic market. Agencies throughout the country, as the main distributors of first-class Zahidi dates, distribute this product directly and without the presence of any intermediaries at the major level among retailers, traders and other applicants.

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