The Manufacturers of Natural Healthy Dates Syrup

Our company has been producing and distributing natural healthy dates syrup for many years. You can buy this nutritious and high-quality product from us in bulk and enjoy its quality. Our goal is always to satisfy you, that’s why we produce our products under completely organic conditions and deliver them to you. You can choose our organic products and save your time and money.

The Manufacturers of Natural Healthy Dates Syrup

What are the Properties of Natural Dates Syrup?

What are the Properties of Natural Dates Syrup? People usually think that date syrup simply consists of date and water (which is not wrong) so it is nothing different from the date itself. One important factor that both companies and customers should take into more detailed consideration is the dates syrup properties. As a matter of fact, due to the nature of syrups being the extract of fruits, they produce a big deal of energy in a way that a little intake of them could provide the normal human body with enough energy for at least two or three hours and date syrup is not an exception. Not to mention that it is frequently recommended by nutrition specialists, its sweet taste is quite likable by people of a different taste. So let us figure out what are its properties.

It contains a wide range of protein and minerals such as zinc, sodium, copper, manganese, and iron while vitamins like A, B1, B2, and B3 can also be found abundantly in addition to natural sugars like sucrose and glucose. It is also worth mentioning that natural date syrup acidity is something between 0.5-1.3% while its pH is between 3.5-4.3.

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Get Familiar with the Uses of Dates Syrup in Your Life

Get Familiar with the Uses of Dates Syrup in Your Life As one may know, date syrup has numerous benefits not only because it contains lots of properties but also because it is one among many simple yet highly nutritious meals. A number of its greatest benefits are mentioned below:

First, it is a rich source of energy that can provide the body’s needed amount of calories for any physical or mental activity such as workout or studying.

1. Protein is what makes date syrup a great pre-workout meal to keep and grow big muscles.

2. It can lower the level of your blood cholesterol due to a low level of fat and cholesterol if it is consumed under control.

3. Its nature is dry and warm, so it is usually suggested to increase sexual desire and stamina.

4. As we are completely overwhelmed by new technology these days, lots of body problems and health issues have emerged. Take, for instance, long hours of sitting still on a chair, behind your desk, doing your job at work, and not moving at all. Your neck and back will be frozen, and your eyesight will be damaged gradually. So here is when the high level of vitamin A and minerals in palm syrup can help you improve your eyesight and prevent lots of other diseases.

5. One other very important benefit of date syrup is the enhancement of mental and nervous system disorders, in addition to anti-inflammatory effects that could help one prevent suffering any further injury or swelling.

Sales Center of Natural Dates Syrup

Sales Center of Natural Dates Syrup It is now years that we are justifiably proud of the top quality product we are offering to our loyal customers, however, it is not yet enough to stop the effort we put in producing the most original taste we can. Our date syrup sales centers presenting our best quality natural health date syrup are ready at the service of customers. As our customer’s health has always meant everything to us, we are honored to be one among many few green companies producing original organic dates syrup without any gluten or added sugar. Now that a rapidly growing sense of health awareness is felt all around the world, an even greater burden we feel on our shoulders to keep the good quality up so as to export the date syrup worldwide. Visit our website to find our experts ready at all hours of all days of the week to answer all your questions.


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  5. Hello and have a good time. Due to its carotenoid and vitamin A content, date juice prevents night blindness, which is associated with symptoms such as dry eyes and an increased risk of infection, and strengthens vision.

  6. Date syrup is no different from dates themselves and due to the nature of syrups which are fruit extracts, it produces a lot of energy and with a small consumption it can provide enough energy for at least two or three hours. Also, its sweet taste for people with tastes. Various is desirable.

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  13. Date juice contains protein, natural sugars, minerals and vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and B5, as well as A1 and C, which you no longer need multivitamins if you consume them. These juices contain natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose and fructose and are a good choice for snacks.

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