The Best Dry Date in Wholesale

Buying the best dry dates is possible through various methods, one of which is online shopping. In online shopping of dates, the desired product can be provided at a very low cost. The official site of dried dates is one of the stores supplying this product. Wholesale sales of different types of this product are done through wholesale centers, which will be very effective in reducing the purchase price. Exporting Iranian dried dates to other countries is one of the most important sources of income in the country, which will be very effective in strengthening domestic production.

The Best Dry Date in Wholesale

The Best Types of Dry Dates

The Best Types of Dry Dates Dates are one of the most useful products that have an extraordinary nutritional value. Daily use of this product is recommended by experts. Reputable companies in the south of the country are one of the wholesale centers of dry dates first-class exports that distribute their products mainly in the market. The price of these products will be very affordable and everyone can afford this type of food.

In the field of introducing different types of dried dates produced in Iran, the following can be mentioned:

  • Kebab dates: It is one of the most widely used dates with light brown color and is cultivated in Bushehr and Fars. The texture of this date is very soft and juicy and it is also used in the preparation of date products.
  • Colonization number: This unique date is also known as the date of other Khuzestan. The cultivation of this date is generally done in Shadegan region and has a unique nutritional value. The color of this date is light brown and it has a medium size, this date is consumed semi-dry.
  • Zahedi Date: Qasb is one of the main sources of anti-cancer and is semi-dry. It is planted in Fars and Bushehr provinces and is exported to Middle Eastern countries. The color of these dates is yellow and caramel. Sales of dried Zahedi dates inside and outside the country are very high.
  • Rabbi date: This rich dried date has a combination of brown and light red color and is mostly grown in Sistan and Baluchestan. The price of this figure varies according to the quality of the product, the occurrence of drought, supply and demand, and the export ban.
  • Shahani dates: This popular date has a lot of juice and is cultivated in Jahrom, Fars province. Another name for Shahani dates is Shawani dates and in Hormozgan it is known as Khorkoshuni. The fruit of this date is long and has a yellow color.

The Most Uses of Dry Dates

The Most Uses of Dry Dates Organic and natural dates are among the highest quality dates for export because chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used in its growth and cultivation and other factors and are grown completely naturally and using environmental factors. Organic and natural dates have wonderful properties and their consumption is recommended as a snack.

The most important benefits of dry dates uses can be mentioned as follows:

  • It is effective in treating anemia and sleep disorders.
  • Helps normal bone growth.
  • It is energetic and very useful for regulating metabolism.
  • Helps balance weight.
  • It has a very pleasant taste.
  • It is useful in strengthening memory and relieving depression.

The Price of Dry Date in Bulk

The Price of Dry Date in Bulk Date wholesale price depending on the quality and type of packaging. Bulk sale of dried dates is possible at wholesale prices. Introduction of southern dried dates has been done through this site. To buy export quality dried dates, just contact us.

The quality of the dates provided and the production stages also affect the price of dates. With all this, we have always tried to offer the best dates at the lowest prices. Customer satisfaction and the prosperity of the Iranian date market is the main goal of our collection.

As you know, many dates are produced and cultivated in Iran. Dried dates harvested in the south of the country have different qualities. Dates can be supplied and packaged according to the target market. Dried cultivars have better conditions for storage and transportation due to low humidity. This has generally led to the selection of dried dates for export.

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