Suppliers of Kholas Dates

The mild sweet toffee flavor of the Kholas dates once served with your daily dose of coffee will undoubtedly improve your day. Our high-quality Kholas dates are also good replacements for unhealthy snacks such as sweets since they are fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free. So if you are looking for a new and exciting experience and are interested in switching to vegan and paleo-friendly foods, Kholas dates are your best choice.

Suppliers of Kholas Dates

Properties of Kholas Dates and Recommendations on its Consumption

Properties of Kholas Dates and Recommendations on its Consumption With more and more people becoming health-conscious around the world, date fruits sound like a perfect choice. Dates, unlike other commonly used snacks, are natural, healthy, paleo-friendly, highly nutritious, and most importantly tasty. Not only this, but also there are many valid medical reasons why you should incorporate dates into your diet; the high fiber contents and antioxidants in dates can improve brain functionality and neural labor and at the same time, dates can decrease the risk of cancer, prevent microbial infections and help you fight diabetes. In addition, dates are extremely popular tropical fruits and there are many ways how to include them in your daily meals. You can just have dates served in your smoothies, oatmeal, and even in your baking recipes; you also might want to try dates stuffed with all kinds of goodies such as pistachio and cream cheese. But do not stop there, because dates also work wonders once you have them in your baked cakes, cookies and bread.

The Differences Between Kholas Date with Others

The Differences Between Kholas Date with Others Even though date fruits are strictly tropical fruits and hard to grow, it is safe to say that all forms of dates are little by little gaining their own fan base in other cultures too. As for one, Kholas dates have become so much popular in western countries, since they are a perfect match for everyone’s daily coffee sips. Traditionally, the oblong-shaped Kholas dates are served with Arabic coffee as a sign of hospitality. Speaking of Kholas dates differences , they also stand out for their sweet toffee flavor and smooth golden brown semi-translucent skin. Staying true to its name, that is the Arabic word for exquisite, the Kholas dates are one of the most popular dates in the heartland of dates-lovers in Saudi Arabia. Kholas dates are also packed with natural fibers, minerals and sugar to give you the energy to get you through a busy day. Additionally, they are sweet and sticky and melt in the mouth like candy. So don’t hesitate to have at these delicious Kholas dates, and don’t worry about a thing, even if you have diabetes!

The Best Sellers of Kholas Dates in Bulk

The Best Sellers of Kholas Dates in Bulk Dates are a fruit that come from the date palm tree, which is typically native to the Middle East. For thousands of years, dates shaped up the main body of Middle-Eastern Arab cuisine and now, it has become an important part of the culture in the area too. Based on a report published in 2019, countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and Algeria are the world’s major dates suppliers, owning almost 60 percent of the date fruits in the world market, which constitutes 5.5 million tons out of the 9 million tons of the total market. Each of these countries has their own special and customized approach to the date fruit supply, and they each have earned their fame as craftsmen of their job. Kholas dates, because of their growing popularity among people, have been the focus of attention by all suppliers of dates in these countries. Among the great number of Kholas dates suplliers, is one of the most celebrated one. Like all otherKholas dates sellers , Aflakproducts Company, relying on its long experience in the production of date fruits, has been always loyal to the traditional and cultural values of this Middle-Eastern cuisine, and at the same time, it has been monitoring the market to make sure that its products satisfy the ever changing tastes of its customers in all parts of the world.

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