Small Dates Wholesale Market

As you know, dates are one of the most delicious and healthy foods that have many fans. Therefore, buyers in the country should buy the highest quality type from the wholesale market in Iran. Small dates have a wide range of properties and have different types that you, dear buyers, can buy high quality dates with high quality and in bulk, through this site. Contact our sales department to place your orders.

Small Dates Wholesale Market

Different Types of Dates

Different Types of Dates Delicious and popular dates types are:

Piarom dates with a memorable sweetness: The taste of this date is a combination of toffee, caramel and dates. This date will be suitable for diabetics due to its good fructose level. In appearance, the skin of this date is completely attached to its flesh and is almost without nectar, but its flesh is not dry and has a special tenderness. This date is mostly cultivated in Hormozgan province and ripens later than other dates.

Mazafati dates: One of the most delicious dates is Mazafati. A package of these dates can be purchased in almost all stores. The best type of this date is grown in Bam. This fruit has a smooth and shiny appearance. Also, the skin on the date can be easily removed.

Dayri dates: The sweetness of this date is appropriate and its skin will be amber in color when ripe. Due to its special taste, this date is not suitable for eating with drinks and will be used for baking desserts and breads. This date is resistant to moisture and has a rectangular appearance. Dayri Unripe dates are long red.

Barhi dates: Barhi dates can be eaten both when ripe and when ripe. Khark date palm is yellow in color and has a crisp and brittle texture and a dull and sweet taste. This date is served in southern Iran as a dessert decoration or even fruit along with other fruits. This fruit will have a light brown color and a sweet and hearty taste when ripe.

Zahedi dates: The golden fruit of Zahedi palm has an oval shape, soft texture, low sweetness and nuts. The texture of this date is dry and semi-dry. This fruit is high in fiber and will be suitable for people on a high-fiber diet. In all the southern regions of Iran, Zahedi palm is cultivated and due to its mild sweetness, it has fans. This date has a long shelf life and is very suitable for trade.

Why Dates Are So Sweet?

Why Dates Are So Sweet? The best dates fruit goes through four stages of ripening, during which changes in color, texture, taste, size and chemical composition occur. Dates are initially green fruits, firm and rich in water and tannins, and have a bitter and astringent taste. Over time, the moisture of this fruit decreases and its sugar content increases until it eventually becomes a fully ripe date. Rutab is the pre-ripening stage of dates that has more moisture and less sugar than fully ripe dates. In the sour, ripe date, stage, the moisture reaches its minimum and the color of the date becomes completely brown to black. At this stage, the amount of reducing sugars in dates, fructose and glucose, is high and its sucrose is low and it has a uniform and sometimes wrinkled texture.

Dates contain a lot of carbohydrates, sugars, which makes them taste very sweet, but keep in mind that they are a good environment for the growth of microorganisms, especially yeasts, so we recommend keeping soft and fresh dates in the refrigerator. The cold inside the refrigerator reduces the growth of microorganisms as well as the activity of enzymes. In general, dates can be stored in the refrigerator for about 8 months, but there is no problem in keeping dried dates out of the refrigerator and in closed containers. Dried dates can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a year.

What Are Different Sizes of Dates?

What Are Different Sizes of Dates?

As there are different types of dates, their dimensions and sizes are also different. The following is the size of the dates available in the market. Ambera dates have a large size and in contrast, barhi dates are known as the smallest types of dates in the market. Dayri dates are also medium to large in size. Deglet Noor dates are also medium to large in size. Halawy dates are small to medium in size. Iteema dates are also native to Algeria and are relatively large and rectangular in size.

The following is a summary of the average length and width of the available dates:

  • Deglet Noor dates are 40 to 60 mm long and 18 mm wide
  • khalas dates have a length of 31 to 35 mm and a width of 21.5 mm
  • fard dates are 31 to 32 mm long and 20.48 mm wide
  • Kentichi dates are 36 to 37 mm long and 17 mm wide
  • Barni dates are 33 to 34 mm long and 17 mm wide
  • Aseel dates are 39 to 40 mm long and 18.30 mm wide
  • Basra dates are 37 to 38 mm long and 17 mm wide
  • begun dates are 31 to 32 mm long and 15.26 mm wide
  • Bumaam dates are 30 to 31 mm long and 23.35 mm wide
  • ghars dates have a length of 39 to 40 mm and a width of 18 mm

Small Dates Bulk Sale

Small Dates Bulk Sale Wholesale date sales conditions are provided for buyers through this site. Small dates wholesale is one of the most successful deals in the world. One of the places where you can get the sugar of your desired product with high quality and reasonable price, is this site that sells its products in bulk and directly. But the question here is, what are the benefits of direct buying? Is the price of this product lower on this site?

Needless to say, buying directly not only this product but also other products has the following benefits:

  • The price of the product is lower than other stores because we receive this product directly from the factories.
  • By purchasing from this site, you no longer have to worry about whether your products are of good quality or not.

Iran is known as one of the best small dates suppliers in the world. Today, manufacturers have sales agencies in different parts of the country that are responsible for distributing and selling products and providing information about different samples to customers.

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