Premium Kabkab Date Supplier

The suppliers of kabkab date are those who are considered as both reputable and experienced ones. They are one of the most important and valid centers which supply a great number of this type of date in bulk with lower price. Iran harvests nearly one million tons of dates every year, with the largest volume of distribution and demand in Iran during Ramadan coming through sales centers and leek markets. Also, reputable sites and sales agencies across the country are among the distributors of dates.

Premium Kabkab Date Supplier

Best Time to Buy Kabkab Dates

Best Time to Buy Kabkab Dates Dates are a very nutritious and nutritious fruit that is rich in fiber, antioxidants, iron, a variety of vitamins and minerals. There are different types of dates and each type is known by a specific name. For example, one type of date that is red is known as a red date and another that is black is known as a black date. Of course, in addition to the color of the planting type and place of cultivation, it also affects the naming of dates. Kabkab dates are one of the types of dates that are small and medium in size.

This type of date is light brown in color and highly sticky. In other words, Kabkab dates are a type of date in which date grains are produced and supplied together in a compact, dense and sticking to each other. Now we have to see when is the best time to buy Kabkab dates. In general, the best time to prepare and buy food is the time or season of the year that is closest to the time of production of that product.

Since Kabkab dates are grown and harvested in summer and autumn, the best time to buy this product is in autumn and winter, which is very close to the time of production. The time of purchase of foodstuffs is close to the time of its production, which causes the product to be consumed fresh. You can prepare fresh dates in October. Of course, during this period, the price of dates is a bit high. Today, with the advancement of technology, you can prepare dates in any season at a reasonable price and completely fresh.

Premium Kabkab Dates in Bulk

Premium Kabkab Dates in Bulk Premium Kabkab dates in bulk are distributed and exported to other countries, as these types of dates are very delicious and are of high quality. Therefore, they are currently exported to abroad because the closer to the date of production the product is, the more delicious it will be. It should be noted that this type of date is usually distributed and supplied in half kilo packages in any place where it is planted and the product of any factory. Buying kabkab dates are done in reputable chain stores and supermarkets. The packaging of this product is plastic and it is mainly produced and marketed in transparent plastic containers with lids. Contact our experts to know the kabkab dates price.

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