Mazafati Dates Wholesale supplier

Mazafati dates are one of the most important export items of Iran which has attracted a lot of attention due to its high exchange rate. Every year, after the harvest season of this product, a new season of wholesale sales of dates begins in which buyers of this domestic and foreign product buy bulk dates from farmers and producers of this product. At the end of the year, the largest sales of dates are related to September to November.

Mazafati Dates Wholesale supplier

7 Uniqe Mazafati Dates Benefits You didn’t Know

7 Uniqe Mazafati Dates Benefits You didn’t Know There are different types of dates such as Pyaram, Mazafati, Zahedi, Khasavi, Kabkab, Shahani, Rabbi and etc. Each of which is cultivated in different parts of the country. Let’s get acquainted with the mazafati dates nutrition. Dates are a high calorie and high energy fruit, so only a small portion of them contain a lot of calories, so people who control their daily calorie intake for various reasons should be careful and eat more dates. Mazafati date is one of the most attractive foods in the Middle East which is used for food and medicine due to its high nutritional value. The benefits of dates are: Improved constipation, heart problems, anemia, sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, abdominal cancer and many more.

Eating dates for weight gain is also a good option. This food is rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals and fiber. This delicious fruit contains fat, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and magnesium, all of which are good for human health. Therefore, its use is recommended for the treatment or prevention of some diseases. The Mazafati dates benefits are many. In general, its seven benefits can be summarized;

  • Kidney protection.
  • Strengthen the nervous system.
  • It is also useful for skin rejuvenation and makes the skin younger by reducing wrinkles.
  • Reduce night blindness.
  • It is very useful for pregnant women.
  • It is useful for headaches and migraines.
  • It is very useful for strengthening children’s intelligence. Dates are known around the world for their many benefits and these are just 7 of the benefits of this fruit.

Mazafati Dates Offshore Markets

Mazafati Dates Offshore Markets There are many offshore date markets in Iran today that sell a variety of dates under any circumstances and in any season of the year. The market for this product is very hot in other countries and buyers of this product from European countries have good opinions about buying and selling direct first class Iranian dates. Every year, large quantities of this product are exported to European countries such as Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom. In recent years, the export of this product to East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia has enjoyed a very boom.

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