Mabroom Dates Biggest Supplier

Dates are one of the most important horticultural products in the country and play an important role in food industry, job creation, healthy diet, our national economy. Iran is the second largest producer of dates and the seventh largest exporter. But Saudi Arabia is the largest supplier of Mabroom dates. Mabroom dates are one of the most popular types of tropical fruit all among the people who are fond of healthy, delicious, and rich crops. At present, there are many distributors in this field who provide the best Mabroom date palms to our dear buyers and consumers.

Mabroom Dates Biggest Supplier

What is the Difference between Mabroom and Medjool Dates?

What is the Difference between Mabroom and Medjool Dates? Mabroom dates are a type of high quality dates and have a strong sweet taste.

It can be said that all types of dates have common benefits and the difference is in the appearance and growth method and in the size of the seeds. Dates contain iron and prevent anemia. They contain soluble fiber and can relieve constipation. They are rich in group of vitamin B. Mabroom dates are also healthy ones rich in minerals and vitamins and also contain magnesium, manganese and selenium. The best Mabroom dates are those that are of good quality. And the best of these dates are available in Pakistan. Mabroom dates benefits are obvious to everyone and we all use dates in our meals.

Medjool dates have a soft skin and a sweet and rich taste. The texture of this type of date is slightly fibrous. The date palm is large to very large in size and changes color from amber to reddish brown when ripe. The origin of this date goes back to Morocco.

Best Mabroom Dates Delivery

Best Mabroom Dates Delivery It is a direct product of selected manufacturers in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Hygienic packaging in a key feature of our products in accordance with food safety standards. It should be stored in a cool, dry place for more durability and quality. Mabroom dates are not very sweet but have a distinct taste and chewy fleshy part. When dried, it has a unique texture that is both soft and firm and has a fibrous taste. They are similar to the date palm, but taller and smaller in size.

Major dates, in different types of different trees, have unique properties. In choosing dates, great care should be taken to buy quality and pure products. The price of this product depends on the cost of production and its quality. Quality dates are available in the market and are sold in bulk, but selling this product in bulk is also cost-effective for customers and can significantly reduce costs.

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