Incredible Prices of Wholesale Shahani Dates

The price of royal dates, like other agricultural products, depends on many factors. Supply and demand usually have a significant impact on the price of products. The sale of royal dates on our site is done at a reasonable price. This type of date is very energetic and delicious and can increase your strength and power during the day and give you better performance. Shahani dates is one of the dates that accounts for 70% of the cultivation of Khuzestan province and is one of the dates that are exported to other countries, especially European countries.

Incredible Prices of Wholesale Shahani Dates

The Origin of Shahani Dates

The Origin of Shahani Dates The Origin of Shahani Dates Should be considered Fars province and especially the city of Jahrom. More than 95% of the date palms that are planted and cultivated in Jahrom city are royal dates. Shahani dates are considered as wet dates, which of course are also harvested as semi-wet and dry.

This date has a lot of sweetness and high nutritional value for it, and is one of the best-selling dates in Iran. Sometimes these dates are consumed as khark. Khark is also quite sweet and has no special taste. Of course, royal dates also have a lot of global sales and exports, and for this reason, there has always been foreign demand.

These dates are mainly packaged in Fars province and Jahrom city with the usual packaging of dates, ie in 2 to 10 kg cartons, and finally marketed. The main exports of this type of dates can be considered to neighboring countries.

Fortunately, in recent years, some of these dates have been exported to European and American countries. The harvest season of this date is autumn. After the dates are harvested, many artisans in the area immediately pack them up and sell them.

Fortunately, these dates can be stored well for several months in covered warehouses. Shahani dates in Iran are not generally divided into different categories. This means that the royal date is the same as the defined date with a brown shape and image, slightly darker or lighter, with the same properties and has the same taste.

Shahani Dates Nutrition Facts 100g

Shahani Dates Nutrition Facts 100g As we have explained, royal dates are among the dates that are harvested both wet and semi-wet, and even Khark is available. This date is about 40 mm long and 18 mm wide in normal conditions. This product is very similar to Rabbi dates and sometimes it is misdiagnosed with this date, although it is easy to distinguish them by seeing the brown color of this date and its narrower shape than Rabbi dates.

Shahani dates usage is seen in holding religious ceremonies in Iran. Royal dates are rich in minerals, iron and magnesium and are known in traditional medicine as a sedative and heart rate regulator. Contrary to some consumers’ beliefs, king dates do not have high cholesterol and regulate positive blood cholesterol.

It is hematopoietic due to its high iron content and is very useful for people with anemia. It is also useful for the stomach and digestive system due to its high fiber content.

Consumption of this product has many properties that can be mentioned as follows:

  • Consumption of this product will reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • This product will be suitable for people with constipation.
  • Consumption of this product is very useful for those who are struggling with bone diseases and will strengthen bones.
  • Daily consumption of dates regulates blood sugar and its consumption is beneficial for diabetics.

Shahani Dates Sales Center

Shahani Dates Sales Center It is possible to sell royal dates today both in person and online. But online and offline methods are much easier than face-to-face methods if they are secure and done through well-known sites.

To buy Pyarom dates in bulk and get more information about its price, you can refer to a large and reputable site dates sales center and with the help of the network of suppliers and sellers on this site, be informed of the best price available in the date market become.

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