High Quality Dates Producer

Quality dates producer does not always make every effort to gain domestic and foreign market. Dates are a product that is produced in Iran and in different parts of it. The best dates belong to the city of Jiroft and they are offered to customers in high quality and low prices and have customers both in Iran and abroad. In addition to having a sweet and delicious taste. This product also has many benefits for the body, which has been emphasized in traditional medicine.

High Quality Dates Producer

How to Store Fresh Dates in order to Last Longer?

How to Store Fresh Dates in order to Last Longer? Many of us keep dates out of the refrigerator after we buy them, but this reduces the shelf life of the dates. A good storage can preserve the moisture, taste and taste of dates. Use the following tricks to store dates for a longer time and preserve their taste. Store wet dates in the refrigerator, as moist dates can be a breeding ground for microscopic organisms. Putting dates in the refrigerator preserves the taste of dates and prevents them from spoiling and becoming sour. Fresh dates can be refrigerated for about eight months if properly packaged, and dried dates can be refrigerated for up to a year. Be careful not to sniff the dates before eating them, as dates will smell very quickly.

The best place to store dates for a long time would be your freezer. Put the dates in a plastic bag with a zipper and remove excess air. Having air inside the bag can speed up the spoilage of food. Consider a space of one centimeter for the dates so that if the dates freeze, they will not tear the storage bag by increasing their volume. This way, when the power goes out, the frozen items at the bottom of the freezer will thaw later and stay intact. With a good package, you can store dates in the freezer for up to 3 years. When you take the dates out of the freezer, do not eat them at all if you encounter an unpleasant taste or smell. The best dates to eat are large and quality dates that have a sweet taste in the mouth to experience the pleasure.

How to Purchase High Quality Dates?

How to Purchase High Quality Dates? Dates are bought online and offline throughout the country. First-class dates are sold in reputable stores. Cheap dates are offered at great prices so that all sections of society can buy and consume it. Dates are a fruit that grows in many tropical regions of the world. Dates have become very popular in recent years. Dates sold in the most prestigious stores in the country reach the consumer. Enjoy the benefits of this unique fruit by buying dates from reputable stores, in different packages, flavors, colors and weights. Contact us to buy and find out about vacuum sealed dates.


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