Grade A Anbara Dates Wholesale

Anbara dates is one of the important commercial and high quality export cultivars in Kerman that is always harvested in two regions of Jiroft and Anbarabad. This date is known as wet Iranian dates and in terms of appearance is very similar to Mazafati dates. Wholesale amber dates are grade A in Tash to bring the best of this product to the applicants. Anbara dates are very active in the wholesale sector because this product has a lot of demand.

Grade A Anbara Dates Wholesale

Uniqe Featurs of Organic Anbara Dates

Uniqe Featurs of Organic Anbara Dates Organic dates are an elixir of energy recovery and youth and freshness of skin and soul. Dates are the black gold of southern Iran and one of the commodities used throughout the country to make and produce various foods and beverages.

Dates have many benefits. The people of the plains and deserts make bread from the kernel of a palm tree and sometimes they roast this kernel and use it as a coffee bean. Yes! Persian coffee! Brewed date palm kernel and its powder is very pleasant. Dates are an elixir of eyelid swelling and increase physical energy and anti-depressant and has a laxative effect.

Dates are full of fiber which is essential for the body. The pigment contained in dates is an extremely powerful natural antioxidant that prevents cancerous lesions. It is said that it is better to take refuge in dates to treat constipation, heart problems, diarrhea and reduce aggression and peace of mind.

Those who want their bladder stones to be crushed should use the tail. People with constipation should try to use simple and laxative foods when using dates. Due to the presence of vitamin B in dates, it is a good fruit for nerve balance and growth. Phosphorus in dates keeps cells alive. It is nerve-wracking and is very useful for iron deficiency.

The important role of dates in blood formation and lowering blood sugar, as well as a factor in strengthening a healthy diet is very important that should be considered.

Dates are usually dark and dark foods are said to increase memory and intelligence. Dates are considered popular with vegetarians.

Grade A Anbara Dates to Export

Grade A Anbara Dates to Export In the global ranking of date exports, Iran is ranked third in the world in date exports with more than 400,000 tons of dates.

Iran ranks first in the world in terms of the area under date cultivation and large quantities of this product enter the markets of other countries every year and date exports are very prosperous.

Therefore, Iran is one of the important date producing countries by producing high quality export dates such as amber.

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