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Fresh small dates fruit supplier offers these healthy and delicious foods with high quality and reasonable price directly and indirectly to its customers all over the country in general and in part and applicants can apply for it in absentia. You customers can refer to the address of a reputable domestic site, including this reputable system, to obtain the price of dates in kilograms and see all the rates shared by the experienced partners of this collection and be informed about the exact price of this product.

Fresh Small Dates Fruit Supplier

What is Molasses Made from?

What is Molasses Made from? Molasses is made from a variety of fruits such as grapes, dates, figs in a traditional and industrial way, preparing molasses is a little laborious and a lot of time must be spent on this work. Different fruits are used to prepare molasses and the better this fruit is the better and tastier the molasses is and it is prepared in different cities in different ways and from different fruits, so the taste, color and consistency of molasses are different. In preparing molasses in the traditional way, first, you have to wash the fruits well and grind them, then you have to crush them to get their juice, for this you can use a juicer. In the second step, pass the juice through a strainer to remove the pulp and its additives and it is pure and you can do this with a clean cotton swab. Pour the pureed juice into a saucepan and put it on the heat, after the foam is completely collected on it, turn off the heat and leave the dish for about 10 to 12 hours until the white soil settles and the grape juice is clear. If the foam has formed on the product after this time, take it again. Put the bowl of pure molasses on medium heat until it is cooked and thickened, it may foam again during cooking, hold it again with a spatula. Let the molasses continue to boil over a low flame until it reaches the right concentration, then stir it gently and be careful that the heat is low and when the molasses reaches the desired concentration, remove it from the heat and let it cool completely.

What is the Difference Between Date Molasses and Molasses?

The difference between date molasses and molasses is that molasses is one of the by-products of sugar factories which is obtained during the extraction of sugar from sugar beet and sugar cane. In the form of concentrated syrup, colored and sticky coffee contains a variety of minerals and vitamins and the amount of these substances depends on the production process, type and age of the plant and the extraction stage, but date molasses is a natural product of dates and the quality and properties of molasses depend on the maturity of the sugar beet or sugarcane plant, the amount of sugar extracted and the extraction method and the quality of date molasses depends on the type of date fruit. Molasses can be used as a suitable fertilizer to increase fertility and improve soil quality, molasses are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals that are useful and essential for plant growth and using them as fertilizer can help increase agricultural production and improve soil quality, but date molasses is not. Another important application of molasses is its use as a raw material for the production of alcohol, alcohol has many uses in medicine and pharmacy and nowadays when the consumption of alcohol is increasing day by day, the need to use beet molasses has become more important than before, but date molasses can be consumed for the health of the body and is not used in the production of alcohol at all. blackstrap molasses has a dark color and the taste of dates in it which depending on the type of data used in it, there is a difference in the amount of darkness in it. It is also in the middle of the concentration level and has a clear appearance that will not be sugary even if it is of good quality.

Main Types of Molasses and Their Differences

Main Types of Molasses and Their Differences Types of molasses are:

  • Fig molasses
  • Date molasses
  • Grape molasses

Fig molasses is rich in antioxidants which due to this very strong substance helps to reduce any negative effects, fig molasses also contain potassium and manganese which strengthens the immune system and kills bacteria in the body and the difference between them is that date molasses is made of date fruit and fig molasses is made of natural fig fruit and grape molasses is made of grapefruit. Grape molasses is actually a grape fruit extract that is produced from fresh and fully ripe grapes that have a sweet taste. Grape molasses is prepared in both industrial and traditional or home methods, this product is obtained from different grapes and has many properties which have excellent quality and are completely hygienic. Grape molasses are firm and very light brown in color and so are date molasses which are burnt brown in color and are usually thinner than grape molasses. molasses benefits are abundant and are a good alternative to refined sweeteners. On the other hand, this substance has a very good nutritional value and the natural iron in molasses increases red blood cells and as a result, it reduces the risk of anemia and eliminates anemia and consuming it in the morning with breakfast or lukewarm milk activates nerve cells. is date syrup healthy and without additives is very much and people who suffer from constipation can use this type of product because date syrup is a laxative and it is useful even during pregnancy and its consumption makes labor easier, this type of date syrup improves fatigue well.

What is Date Molasses Used for?

Date molasses is used as a sweetener for all kinds of sweets, molds, cookies, ice cream, desserts and molasses desserts, molasses cookies are created and due to their high healing properties, it has replaced many sugars. A variety of vitamins such as phosphorus, iodine, calcium, copper is present in this substance which makes the skin soft and young. Molasses is a healthy snack due to its abundant nutrients and eating it after a meal causes digestion of substances inside, it stimulates the stomach and improves the metabolism of digestive enzymes. Date syrup uses are very numerous in the food industry, and of course, the applications of date molasses in the food industry are very wide which briefly includes the following:

  • The most suitable alternative to artificial sugars and sweeteners
  • Use in food industries such as dairy products, cakes, cookies, pastries and biscuits
  • Use in ice cream production; date extract can replace ice cream with more than 15%
  • Prevent the rot of dates produced by farmers
  • Consumed as a nutrient for all age groups
  • Use in pickles, sauces, jams and dates made from dates

Therefore, it is better to eliminate the consumption of products derived from sugar and sugar and use natural and organic sugars such as date molasses. They have developed natural sugars or organic sweeteners to minimize the consumption of artificial sugars and sugars, for this reason, food industry owners around the world are trying to minimize the use of artificial sugars and sugars in accordance with the current needs of society in order to expand the consumption of natural sugars. Therefore, the application of date molasses in the food industry is a global goal and many industry owners in the country are moving towards the production of this type of product. Best date syrup has become one of the best foods and it can be used daily in the right amount to enjoy its good benefits, many people use this sweet for different purposes, but it should be known that consumption Date syrup to treat a problem can indirectly cure several other problems in the body and in this regard, its consumption is very important. One of the good benefits of consuming date syrup is the treatment of constipation in children. In fact, this type of juice has high fiber, which is essential for better gastrointestinal function, the fiber in the juice makes digestion easier and leads to better excretion, thus eliminating the problem of constipation in a short time.

Date Fruit: Global Market Value

Date Fruit: Global Market Value The global market value of date fruits is very high and dates have found a special place among the people of the world due to their innumerable benefits. The nutritional value of this agricultural product is very high, therefore, the consumption of dates in the world is of great importance. In addition to nutritional value, dates are one of the most valuable products of commercial and economic importance. Dates are grown only in hot and special climatic conditions and iran has these suitable climatic conditions for its cultivation. Dates are one of the most important agricultural products in the country while iran is the second-largest producer of dates in the world after egypt, but it is the fourth largest exporter of this product. Date exporters with their active presence and experience in the international arena have been able to identify the best varieties of juice and supply it in bulk. Customers can also prepare high-quality dates completely fresh and natural at the best price and make a good profit.

Main Countries Producing Date Products

Dates are oval, yellowish-red, sweet fruit obtained from the palm tree, dates are a staple food throughout the middle east egypt is known as the world leader in the production and cultivation of dates, producing about 1,084,529 tons of dates every year. This is a little over 17% of world date production and only 3% of world exports. Egypt has increased its date cultivation by more than 100% since 1993, followed by Indonesia (24%) and Malaysia (15%), at the same time, the total value of exports is about $ 41.8 million. After egypt, iran has an annual production of 947,809 tons, but despite the high level of production, it accounts for almost 7.7% of total world exports. Iran’s dates are mainly exported to asian countries, with india (16%) and malaysia (11%) being the largest importers, followed by russia with 9.9% of iranian dates. The third-largest producer of dates in Saudi Arabian which has suitable conditions for growing and cultivating dates and its annual production is 836,983 tons, it exports about 8.8 percent of the world’s dates, valued at about $ 94.3 million. Date syrup distribution company which is managed under the supervision of manufacturers, offers the best and most quality type of this product in high volumes and tonnages throughout the country, another major factor in exporting date syrup to neighboring countries is the bulk production of this product so that major buyers can reach more products directly and at a low cost. Egypt produces 1.7 million tons of dates annually and is the number one producer of this agricultural product in the world, accounting for almost 21% of world date production, but the interesting thing is that out of 1.7 million tons of dates, only 3% is exported, so egypt is ranked 122nd in date exporters. Which exports this product to 63 countries including indonesia, morocco, malaysia, bangladesh and thailand meanwhile, 15 million egyptian palm palms are mostly located in the provinces of al-wadi, al-jadeed, aswan, al-giza, al-sharqiya, al-bahira, damiat, ra’d and north sinai.

Buy Date Molasses, Fruit and Other Products

Buy Date Molasses, Fruit and Other Products Buy date molasses, fruit and Other Products is very affordable for customers because it includes very wide discounts, buying it directly and without intermediaries has caused firstly that customers buy first-class molasses and secondly buy its price as a product. The extraordinary quality and taste of date molasses, very special and first-class packaging and sending orders in the shortest time with the product price, has made customers from other countries the main buyers of this product. It is possible to buy the best bulk packaged molasses in bulk from its main production centers and sales agents of this product and it has provided the possibility for buyers to be able to buy the quality type mainly in the shortest time and do it at a much better price and cheaper than a small purchase. In order to order a high quality product in desired quantities and even in bulk, we can proceed in different ways and methods, each of which is simple and accessible to the public. One of the most common and safest ways to buy it is to visit the sales centers of this product in person, in these circumstances, we can ensure its accuracy and quality with direct supervision and then make a satisfactory purchase of high-quality products.

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