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Date honey is a good alternative to refined sweeteners. On the other hand, this substance has a very high nutritional value. In general, juices are energy-rich foods and are the best when the body needs more energy. One of these juices is Date Honey. The distributor of fresh date honey always tries to combine the highest quality type of honey which is the natural principle with dates in order to offer an organic product to the market.

Fresh Date Honey Distributor

Is Date Syrup the Same as Date Molasses?

Is Date Syrup the Same as Date Molasses? To produce best date syrup, first the dates are automatically taken out of the warehouse or cold storage which are in baskets or packages of 20 kg with plastic cover and transported to the production hall. Then, the dates are washed by a conveyor and washed at different times and in different stages. After washing, the dates are weighed and delivered to the kernel separator. Separating the date kernels is important because the kernels are sticky, often clumpy and not suitable for juice extraction. The dates are then transferred to a machine to chop the dates without damaging the date kernel. After washing, the dates are disinfected and transported to the shredder by a forklift that includes small containers where they are chopped into layers 2-3 mm in diameter. The extraction of sugar from dates is done by diffusion method. The amount of water consumed at this stage depends on the percentage of moisture or solids in the dates. the other difference is in date molasses price and date syrup price and date molasses calories and date syrup calories.

Dates Syrup Nutrition Value

Date juice has many properties and very high nutritional value and is a good alternative to refined sweeteners. Consumption of this juice for morning meal provides energy for the day. Juices are one of the most energetic foods and are the best food for the body when it needs more energy. One of these juices is date juice. Properties of date juice Date juice is naturally hot and dry and the best way to consume it for all temperaments is to boil the juice with vinegar and taste the “juice vinegar” with lettuce. You can consume this delicious juice without lettuce. Date juice has the same properties as dates. It contains phosphorus and iron which if consumed at breakfast activates nerve cells and also prevents anemia in people. It is also beneficial for gastrointestinal health, increasing the activity of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Date juice relieves rheumatic pains and arterial and lung diseases. This juice contains natural sugars, minerals, proteins and vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and B5, as well as A1 and C which you no longer need multivitamins by consuming this juice. This juice contains natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose and fructose and is the best option for a snack. People who are looking for facial obesity or weight gain are recommended to consume this juice.

date syrup nutrition

Sucrose is especially harmful to diabetics due to its association with some health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, tooth decay and obesity, high blood glucose and insulin levels. Prevents especially in diabetics. Due to the effect of sugars on the viscosity of the non-frozen phase in ice cream which affects the crystallization and growth of ice crystals during the thawing and freezing cycle during transportation and storage, it is recommended for heat shock and product quality during shelf life.

Is Date Syrup Healthy for People with Diabetes?

Is Date Syrup Healthy for People with Diabetes? It is harmful for diabetics, but its low consumption is not a problem due to its natural sugars. Date juice has a warm nature and according to what moist health has explained, combining it with hot food is harmful for hot tempers because it causes their bile to thicken and pimples on the face and body. It is harmful for obese and sedentary people because it has a high percentage of calories, so if you do not exercise, by eating this nutrient, obesity and its side effects will surely wait for you.

Grape or date juice contains a lot of sugar compared to the fruit itself and has a lot of calories and energy, respectively. Of course, these juices also contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Unfortunately, some vendors recommend that people with diabetes use grape or date juice and even raisins and berries instead of sugar due to ignorance or profit. In fact, this is a very wrong and dangerous recommendation. Everyone, especially diabetics, if their uncontrolled consumption of grape or date juice under the pretext of lowering sugar in these cases, their blood sugar will rise sharply. In fact, people with diabetes can consume one teaspoon a day of grape or date juice, but consuming more than this amount, especially in diabetics will cause a sudden rise in blood sugar. Grape or date juice is also not recommended for overweight or obese people. Many overweight people use date or grape juice instead of sugar for breakfast which in fact can lead to weight gain. Who is recommended to consume grape and date juice? One of the best potions for people who are malnourished and recovering from illness is to use grape milk and grape juice with almond powder. This potion is very useful for strengthening the immune system of coronary arteries. It should be noted that grape and date juice are very nutritious but are not useful for people with diabetes and overweight, so be sure to consult your nutritionist to consume these items.

The best way to consume juice which is suitable for all moods, is to boil the juice with vinegar and eat the final product called “juice vinegar” with lettuce and enjoy eating this concoction to the fullest.

How Long Does Date Molasses Last?

Juices have very low moisture and very high sugar, so there are no conditions for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms in them. The juice does not need to be refrigerated and can be stored for a long time in a dry place away from direct sunlight, but if The juice is stored in the refrigerator, its shelf life is longer and there is nothing wrong with this. If your juice stays at home for a while and is not eaten with a little taste and creativity, you can find various uses for it. For example, you can make a variety of syrups or even jams with it. Hamedani with carrots and using from juice instead of sugar, they make carrot jam, which is very definitional. Also, if your juice does not get cold in the summer and you reach the summer, do not worry and do not throw it away, just boil it with vinegar and make juice vinegar to make the best syrup. Provide thirst for yourself and your family.

some notes

A) It is not necessary to keep the juice in the refrigerator, but it is better to keep it dry and cool and away from sunlight so that its taste does not change prematurely.

B) Dipting a wet spoon or keeping the juice in a moist place will reduce its quality and in addition to diluting, its taste will also change.

C) The shelf life of the juice in plastic containers is longer than their shelf life in metal containers, so it is better to keep it in the same plastic containers produced by the factory and when necessary, pour it into another container as much as you use.

Date juice color:

The color of date juice is clear and is obtained under natural and healthy conditions.


Permissible limits of pH of date juice should be 4.3 – 3.5.

Water soluble solids: The permissible limits for the amount of water-soluble solids should be 73-67%.

Ash in date juice: The amount of ash should be a maximum of 1.5%.

sugar Loaf:The reducing sugars in date juice should be 58%. Properties of date juice Consumption of date juice Non-reducing sugar: The ratio of fructose to glucose in the product should be at least 0.7. The amount of non-reducing sugar in terms of sucrose in date juice should be a maximum of 4%.

Taste and smell of date juice:

Date juice should be free of any taste and odor caused by burns, fermentation, sourness and mold.

foreign material:

The product should be free of plant debris such as leaves, stems, fruit skins. Date juice should be free of any living and dead pests and their remains such as eggs, larvae, pupae and sand particles.

Metal contaminants in date juice: Metal contaminants in date juice should not be too standard. Preservatives: Additives other than citric acid should not be used in date juice

How to Buy the Best Date Fruit

How to Buy the Best Date Fruit The first recommendation is that if you are new to this field, do not go for open dates. Unless you have complete confidence in the seller. Because it is not clear under what conditions these dates were grown and transported. That’s why it is better to go for packaged dates. When buying packaged dates, make sure that the dates are not pressed and do not stick together. One of the signs of old dates is its sugar content. Be careful that the date juice is not sugary. In addition, make sure that the packaging does not contain deep objects such as plants or small debris. This is most likely the case with dates that are non-industrially packaged. If you are thinking of buying more professionally, pay attention to its color when buying dates. It is true that each type of date has its own, so it is better to know both the type of date and what color it should be when it arrives. how much is date syrup price?

Sales of Iranian dates inside the country and tribute from Iran are booming. Because Iran is one of the best countries for the production of quality and first-class dates and this has led many locals and foreigners to seek the consumption of Iranian dates. Fortunately, Iranian dates are still produced organically and are one of the best and most economical agricultural products in Iran.

The Main Distributors of Date Fruits

The quality and variety of dates in Iran is very unique and for this reason most large countries such as Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and China buy Iranian dates. According to the available information on the types of dates produced in the world, over 93 types of dates have been produced in Iran of which about 12 types of dates are exported to foreign markets. About 16 of them are distributed in the domestic market and some are only locally known.

date molasses buy and syrup

Today, in every city, there are several date supply centers from which you can make your purchase, but, as mentioned, you should look for the best date supply centers to receive the highest quality products. To do this, we suggest you buy and use online stores, especially our store website. All our products are provided with the best quality and price guarantee and can be delivered to you anywhere in Iran. You can buy different types of dates, especially premium dates, from our online store. Of course, you can spend a lot of time searching your city to find a good seller.

Qualified Date Products Company

Qualified Date Products Company Many factors directly and indirectly affect the date production in Iran. One of these factors is the presence of dust in date palm areas which causes a decrease in the amount of harvesting, as well as a decrease in the quality of date products and an influx of pests into palms. On the other hand, the drought of the last few years in the southern provinces has been followed by a decrease in rainfall during this period which has reduced the water of the rivers as well as salinity and dehydration of the rivers. It has introduced agriculture to the south, including palm groves.

With an annual production of one million tons of dates, Iran is ranked second in the world in terms of date production. In the world ranking, Iran has the highest area under date cultivation in the world, but due to low average production yield, it is in the second place after Egypt. Palm is a plant species that has a high resistance to harsh conditions and needs less irrigation compared to other fruit trees. Dates have a very high commercial and nutritional value and are suitable for export due to their ease of packaging and handling. Considering the production of dates in Iran and the significant share of this product in the gross national product, the export of Iranian dates can have a lot of currency for our country annually.

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