Dry Dates Fruit Wholesale Price

Dry dates fruit wholesale price depends on various factors such as harvest season, demand, date type, packaging, currency fluctuations, etc., and it is not possible to state the bulk price of dates accurately and consistently. If you order dried dates in large quantities; the wholesale price of dried dates may be lower for you by the seller. If you do business directly with the original seller and eliminate intermediaries, you will save a lot of money and buy dried dates at a real price.

Dry Dates Fruit Wholesale Price

What are the Benefits of Eating Dry Dates?

What are the Benefits of Eating Dry Dates? Dates are a great source of a variety of vitamins such as A, B and C and the elements flora, iron, zinc, potassium and manganese and are also rich in carbohydrates and protein. Also, the presence of 50% glucose and 25% sucrose in each dried date seed has caused this fruit to contain large amounts. Dried dates, like fresh dates, contain albinoids, piperine derivatives, antioxidants, pectin, water, polyphenols, fiber, and sterols. Given that the nutrients in dried dates and fresh dates are similar, it can be said that they have similar benefits and properties. Of course the higher calorie content of dried dates causes it to be more energetic than fresh dates and creates a feeling of satiety in a person with a smaller number; therefore, people who want to lose weight, it is always recommended to use dried dates between meals. Hearing enhancement, increasing muscle growth, preventing fatty liver, treating colds and sore throats, regulating blood sugar, reducing pregnancy complications, fetal weight gain and many more are just a few of the amazing dry dates benefits.

Dry Dates Fruit to Export

Dry Dates Fruit to Export Iran has a very high potential in the field of dried date production and is currently known as the second largest producer of dried dates in the world. Although Iran ranks second in terms of production; but in recent years due to lack of attention to product packaging, has fallen to third place in the export of dried dates. Due to its high quality and delicious taste, Iranian dried dates are exported to more than 70 countries, with the largest number of exports currently to the UAE, India, Pakistan, Russia, India and Turkey. Khuzestan province is the largest supplier of dried dates for export in the country and annually significant amounts of dried dates for export of Khuzestan are distributed in the world market. To buy and sell dried dates for export, you can get help from our site and do your transactions with just a few clicks. For more information about dried dates for export, you can contact our experts directly through the phone numbers listed on the site.

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