Dry Dates Fruit Export Companies

There are several export companies that with long experience in exporting dried fruits such as dry dates fruits can do zero to one hundred exports for producers of this product. So if you are a producer of dried date fruits and you are looking for a way to export it, refer to reputable face-to-face or virtual export companies so that your product can be exported successfully and you can make a good profit.

Dry Dates Fruit Export Companies

Dry Date Fruit Production in Iran

Dry Date Fruit Production in Iran Dried fruit is a fruit from which a large amount of water has been extracted by various processes, methods and devices, and the fresher the fruit, the better the quality of the product. Iran has a long history of producing dried fruits such as dried dates and dried date fruits are mainly prepared in the form of slices or dried rings. In fact, the drying of various fruits, with high quality and in a very significant volume in the country, has made Iran, in addition to having a very good position in the field of fresh date production, in The issue of dried date fruit production.

The number of companies producing dried date fruits in Iran is very significant, along with the number of people who want to start working. Regarding the first production line of dried date fruits in Iran, no definite opinion can be given; But certainly in this regard, referring to documented statistics can be useful.

Nutritional Value of Dry Dates Fruit

Nutritional Value of Dry Dates Fruit The date nutrative values is very high. For example, dry dates fruit contain carbohydrates, most of which come from sugar. In addition, dry dates fruit have a very sweet taste because they contain a lot of fructose, which is twice as sweet as glucose, and eating it can provide the body with lost energy and relieve fatigue.

Dry dates fruit also contain some fiber. Dry dates fruit has a certain amount of protein that increases its nutritional value. dry dates fruit are a good source of potassium, magnesium and iron and contain B vitamins, including folate and pantothenic acid, which are good for the body and therefore a delicious and healthy snack for children and everyone. Dry dates fruit also have high concentrations of antioxidants that protect the body against cell damage. Dry dates fruit also has a lot of calories that increase its nutritional value and create a lot of energy in the body and is a useful and tasty food for the workplace.

The Best Dry Dates Fruit for Export

The Best Dry Dates Fruit for Export Various dried such as dry dates fruit are a group of products that are usually traded by international export companies in international trade. This is due to the fact that dried dates are more durable than fresh dates and also have easier storage conditions. Dried fruit is mostly used as a snack or as a raw material in confectionery.

Regarding the quality of export products, such as dry dates fruit export, important things are observed so that the export of the product is more successful. For example, the packaging of the best dry dates fruits should be done in completely hygienic conditions in order to attract more buyers. Also, the best dry dates Fruit for export has a beautiful and attractive packaging and the plastic and utensils used for packaging are made of high quality raw materials.

Quality dry dates fruit packaging has a production and expiration date that can be very effective in attracting customers. It is better that the packages of dry dates fruit for export are transparent so that they can be seen well inside. exporting date fruit is obtained from the best producers and has a reputable brand. The best dry dates fruit has a good appearance and has a delicious taste and is healthy and high quality. In this case, the number of buyers will increase and the export of dried date fruits will flourish more.

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