Direct Distribution of Anbara Dates

Anbara dates are one of the most important samples of dates produced in Iran, which has a very good quality and is one of the export samples of dates in the country. Fresh and ripe dates, as well as Khark and Rotab dates, are specially harvested from southern groves and sent directly and indirectly to other areas for consumption.

Direct Distribution of Anbara Dates

What is Anbara Date?

What is Anbara Date? When we talk about dates and their different samples in our country, we are faced with a wide range of products, and the reason for this is the existence of large groves in the tropics, each of which offers a specific type of product. In the meantime, we want to say about anbar dates details that in Bushehr region, the possibility of its major production is provided so that in addition to meeting the needs of domestic markets, they are also exported to foreign countries.

Anber dates are the desired option, and if we want to say about their characteristics, we should mention that these products are crisp and fresh, which are successful in attracting the attention of buyers with their excellent and sweet taste. Barhi dates can be classified as the smallest dates. Most of these products are called creamy dates and with their excellent texture, they can be a good tool for receptions in parties. In terms of color, dates are yellow and are often sold on trees. The products are easy to store and can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

What are by-Products of Anbara Dates?

What are by-Products of Anbara Dates?

The amount of date production in Iran is high, so conversions to obtain other anbara dates by-products are recommended. dates that are usually not suitable for human consumption, or surpluses from date packing plants and related processing industries are recommended. from low quality dates, date nectar (date honey) and chocolate can be prepared and used in food production industries. dates can also be used to make various cakes, breakfast dishes or to put them in bread.

Types of dates that are not suitable in appearance can be turned into dough. this type of dough is used as a condiment in preparing sauces, pickles, as well as filling biscuits and sweets. Another product that is obtained from the palm tree and is part of the date industry is called taroneh sweat.

Taroneh fresh skin has medicinal properties and is mainly used in these fields. For example, rubbing taroone paste on the gums strengthens it and removes pus, pus and blood. Other properties include diarrhea and nausea. taroneh sweat has numerous properties in terms of strengthening the nerves and treating insomnia, preventing hair loss and enhancing sexuality.

Another by-product of dates is cheese, which is found inside the taro and at the top of the palm stalk as a white substance (like cotton wool). the arabs call it tala and in Iran it is called cheese.

Wholesale Purchase Price of the Anbara Dates

Wholesale Purchase Price of the Anbara Dates

Anbar dates are offered in different ways and these products can be purchased in kilograms at the level of your need. in different cities of our country, it is possible to sell dates, but considering that bushehr is the main producer of these products, the ground is provided for bulk sales to meet the needs of other cities.

If we compare bulk amber dates with packaged samples in terms of price, we see a difference in their price. This is because of the sorting costs that packaged dates incur.

The sale of kilograms of Anbar dates in Bushehr requires a wide range of services due to the existence of customers, however, we often see online transactions of products that are applied in the shortest possible time and cost.

Different types of products are displayed so that customers can buy them with accurate information and enjoy their excellent quality. Contact us to get information about the anbara dates price .

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