Best Piarom Dates for Sale

Iranian dates have different types and varieties that have a high quality and are very sweet and tasty. The best type of Piarom dates that have good sales and are exported to other countries. The website is one of the centers for selling different types of Piarom dates, which provides this product to customers at the best price.

Best Piarom Dates for Sale

Piarom Dates vs Medjool Dates

Piarom Dates vs Medjool Dates The thin skin of Piarom dates is dark brown in color and the flesh and skin of the dates are completely attached to each other. The size, amount of sweetness and quality of dates are the main differences between this type of date and different types of dates. Medjool date is one of the sweetest and largest dates in the world and its size has been reported up to 7 cm.

Piarom is the name of one of the types of dates that are cultivated in Hajiabad city of Hormozgan province. ‌In the south of the country and the northernmost point of Hormozgan Province, right at the end of the Zagros Mountain Range, there are mountainous areas that can be said to grow one of the most delicious semi-dry dates in the world. This date is called Piarom in the local dialect. Piarom cultivar is a commercial and first class type which is considered as a special export cultivar due to its suitable quality and marketability. This product has so far been able to attract the attention of global markets.

Piarom dates are rich in sugars, proteins and other minerals and have a high nutritional value and due to the high tolerance of palm to salinity, it has been cultivated in a large area of ​​Hajiabad gardens. Harvesting of these dates has started from the first of September and will continue until the end of November. At the end of October, first-class Piarom dates purchase from gardeners in Hajiabad city.

Medjool date is one of the sweetest types of dates, which many call the king of dates. Medjool dates are very famous due to their large size and pleasant taste. The size of Medjool dates reaches about 7 cm. Although Medjool is classified as a soft date, it is harder and more elastic than many soft dates. This feature makes Medjool a great choice for commercial date production.

Sale of Piarom Dates in Bulk

Sale of Piarom Dates in Bulk Iranian dates such as Piarom and Medjool dates and any other type of dates are tasty and very good because of their high quality and the variety in color, taste and size is very high and are usually exported abroad. The sale of these dates in the country, like their export type, is very profitable. In fact, it provides the customers with proper cheapest piarom dates which are the best specimen of the best Piarom dates calories.

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