Best Dates at Wholesale Price

In fact, the wholesale price of best dates is relatively cheaper. Of course, this does not mean that wholesalers can supply any date with any quality. Of course, quality dates in proper packaging are more expensive, but wholesalers should be able to offer the same price to buyers. In our country, there are all kinds of high quality dates in beautiful and suitable packaging that are spread to all parts of the south of the country.

Best Dates at Wholesale Price

Which country is the origin of dates?

Which country is the origin of dates? Dates are the best-selling cultivars in and outside the country. This product is offered in many centers with different prices, because it is offered to customers at a more affordable price on the market site of natural date products.

In the market of natural products for various reasons, the price of dates is cheaper than other date sales centers. Factors that make the price of dates in this center cost-effective:

  • Live broadcast from the groves of the south of the country
  • Sales without intermediaries brokers and sellers
  • Wholesale date cultivars
  • Send to all parts of the country with the lowest cost

Due to the weather conditions, the possibility of producing dates in continental Europe was very limited, so the export of dates to Europe is the only way to supply this food product in European countries. Date production in Europe is limited, which belongs to Spain. The production of dates in Spain is not done in large quantities and therefore can not meet the need for continental Europe to import dates from other countries.

Different Types of Dates Fruit

The market of natural products, in addition to the supply, production and distribution of dates is also active in the field of date exports. This center has made it possible for customers to provide all cultivars and samples of dates at a reasonable price in this collection.

Types of date samples:

  • medjool dates
  • piarom dates
  • barhi dates

All the mentioned samples of dates in different qualities are available in the collection of natural products and customers can prepare dates with the required quality according to their needs.

Nutritional Profile of Dates Fruit

Nutritional Profile of Dates Fruit Consumption of dates due to its nutritional composition will have many properties and health benefits for the consumer. In addition to excellent taste, this food contains protein, vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in flavonoids, phenolic acids and polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidant compounds that can protect the body from inflammation. Dates contain more polyphenols than other fruits and vegetables. Dates can satisfy the consumer in terms of sweetness and at the same time provide essential nutrients such as vitamin B6 and iron. This food is high in potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte that the body needs for heart health. Potassium also helps muscles. Also read: Nutritional arch of dates Dates are also an excellent source of plant elements that are essential for good health. Studies have shown that these plant elements can stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, prevent DNA damage and improve hormonal regulation.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the nutritional value of an average date (24% g) is:

  • 66.5 dates calories
  • 0.4 grams of protein
  • 0.04 grams of fat 18 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1.6 grams of fiber
  • 16 grams of sugar

Dates are a good source for the following:

Iron Selenium magnesium calcium potassium copper vitamin B6 health benefits of dates as mentioned, dates are a food with high nutritional value. Most of the health benefits of dates are due to their fiber content. Fiber is part of plant foods that are not digestible and absorb-able, but it helps to increase your bowel movements and make it easier for everything to pass through your gut. As a result, it improves the health of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, fiber can help lower cholesterol levels and stabilize blood glucose levels by slowing down the absorption of sugar.

7 Health Benefits of Dates

Now that we have mentioned the nutritional value of dates, it is time to introduce you to the properties of this nutritious and healthy food. what is dates benefits for diabetes? In the following, we examine a number of properties of dates.

1. Regulates blood cholesterol levels

One study concluded that eating dates may have positive effects on blood cholesterol levels and oxidative stress. Dates have no cholesterol and are rich in iron. The amount of fiber in dates is more than bananas. More research is needed on how dates help regulate blood cholesterol levels.

2. Improves bone health

Dates are a rich source of copper, magnesium, selenium and magnesium. All of these nutrients are essential for maintaining healthy bones and preventing bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis. Dates are also rich in vitamin K which helps blood clot. Dates also contain boron. Research has shown that boron is an important nutrient for maintaining healthy bones.

3. Helps improve brain health

Dates have been shown to protect the brain against oxidative stress and inflammation. There is a link between regular consumption of dates and a reduced risk of neurodegeneration and better cognitive function in the elderly. An animal study has concluded that eating dates can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Another study in mice showed that eating dates for a long time helped prevent inflammation in the brain.

4. Prevents inflammation

One of the properties of dates is to prevent inflammation. Dates have anti-inflammatory properties. This nutrient contains magnesium, which may help strengthen the immune system and fight inflammation. If you consume little magnesium in your diet, your immune system will not be able to fight inflammation well. However, studies in this area are limited.

5. Useful for pregnant women

Pregnant women should consume about 300 calories more than other people. Most pregnant women eat high-calorie, low-nutrient foods to provide the calories their bodies need. This can lead to problems in the long run. Dates can be a healthy option for your body to get the calories it needs. Although dates are high in calories, they are high in nutrients and help provide pregnant women with the vitamins and minerals they need. Evidence suggests that the fiber in dates may prevent hemorrhoids in pregnancy.

6. Helps treat constipation

Studies in rats have shown that date extract improves gastrointestinal function and is useful in treating constipation. The fiber in dates also prevents gastrointestinal cancers. Eating at least 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day may improve gastrointestinal health. You may also soften your stool to prevent constipation. Try to limit the consumption of foods that have no fiber. Note, however, that in some cases, reducing fiber intake may help treat constipation. So if you have digestive problems, consult a doctor before eating dates.

7. dates benefits for skin and dates benefits for hair

Another property of dates is to improve skin health. Dates contain vitamins C and D which show that these two vitamins may help improve skin elasticity. This nutrient may be helpful in fighting skin problems such as itching or rashes. You can include dates in your diet and see the potential long-term results. Dates may also have anti-aging properties. This nutrient may prevent melanin from accumulating in the body. However, little research has been done in this area. We know that hormones play an important role in skin aging and appearance. The compounds in dates have anti-aging effects. Date extract may help fight wrinkles.

Average Price of Dates Fruit Per kg

Average Price of Dates Fruit Per kg What is the selling price of dates? Center for distribution and purchase of dates directly from southern date orchards. Hamedan is one of the most populous provinces in the cold regions of Iran. Consumption of dates has been such that for wholesalers and retailers of this product has been a good profit. Numerous types of dates are bought and sold and are consumed by the public. Wholesalers and date distribution centers can buy and sell the product at a more reasonable price from this collection.

Sale price of dates

The price of dates depends on the type of dates and also the volume of customers’ purchases affects its price. One of the factors that has reduced the price of dates on this site is the elimination of intermediaries and direct sales from date producers. What features has the company provided to buyers? Send to different places Reduce shipping costs Convenient and general packaging Guaranteed quality and completely hygienic.

Date prices depend on the type of date and so on. Export dates are usually slightly more expensive than other date varieties. The wholesale price of dates varies at different times and there are characteristics that cause the price of dates to decrease and increase in the market.

Do you know what causes the price of dates to change?

  • The amount of date exports in Iran
  • The amount of date production in the country
  • Currency and economic fluctuations of the country
  • Approaching different days

Which Countries Trade the Best Dates?

In the global ranking of date exports, Iran is ranked third in the world in date exports with more than 400,000 tons of dates. For food traders, perhaps the first question is what is the best date to export? Iran ranks first in the world in terms of the area under date cultivation and large quantities of this product enter the markets of other countries every year and date exports are very prosperous. Therefore, Iran is one of the important date producing countries by producing high quality export dates such as Mazafati, Piarom and Cultivars. According to Iranian customs statistics, the most important destinations for Iranian date exports are the following countries:

  • Emirates
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • India

From the above countries, date exports to the UAE with 17% of the total date export statistics has the highest amount, followed by date exports to Pakistan with 11% in second place and date exports to Russia with 9% in third place. It is the largest customer of Iranian dates. The best dates in Iran Among all the cultivars of dates that are cultivated in Iran, the best dates of Iran can be named cultivars such as Pyarom, Majool, Mazafati and Zahedi which are in the highest demand in the world markets. The highest amount of date production in Iran is related to the provinces of Khuzestan, Fars, Hormozgan, Kerman, Bushehr and Sistan Baluchestan which are cultivated according to the type of climate, different varieties of dates.

Shipping and shipping costs are one of the most important concerns of customers and major buyers. In this company, it has become more economical for customers by sending the possibility of sending products through different ways in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. Before sending the products to the customers, they are placed in suitable packages so that they are delivered completely safe.

Best Fresh Dates Wholesaler

Best Fresh Dates Wholesaler Sorting and packaging of dates is one of the most important factors in the sale and export of dates. Sorting dates is done by machines and machines that this type of sorting is usually done for export. What is date sorting: Date sorting means washing and cleaning dates after harvest. Date packaging depends on the type of date and how it is consumed, for example: Date packaging for the domestic market is different from export packaging.

Increase sales of dates abroad

Date fruit is one of the country’s export products due to its unique features and usability in the vinegar and food production industry. Which sample of dates had the most exports? The highest amount of exports in the category of dried dates were Zahedi dates, Piarom dates and in the category of soft and wet dates were Mazafati dates and royal dates. Keep in mind that for selling dates in foreign countries or exporting dates to other countries, a premium type of date should be used.

Selling dates for export

Selling premium dates for export Samples of dates used for export to foreign countries must have certain characteristics. Important features of export dates:

  • Premium and excellent quality
  • Proper export packaging
  • Approved in terms of health

The size of the date should be appropriate according to its type One of the most important factors that plays a very important role in the export of dates is the type of date according to the taste of the buyer country. In this regard, traders can contact the consultants of this collection for free consultation.

Wholesale dates at the lowest prices

As you know, dates are one of the best-selling natural products in the Middle East. There are many centers in Iran that are active in the field of distribution and sale of dates, some of which operate online. Online date sales and supply centers have advantages, one of the most important of which is the very reasonable price without intermediaries.

What are the benefits of selling dates online?

  • Direct purchase from manufacturers in the south of the country
  • Variety in product quality and type of date packaging
  • Ability to pre-purchase products in the shortest time
  • Get advice on domestic sales and export methods

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