Best Date Wholesale Price

Best dates are one of the best types of dates grown in the southern provinces and according to many fans, it also has a good market. One of the reasons for the popularity of dates is its excellent quality. Dates also have a good export market and are packaged in different countries. You can get the price of best dates from wholesale centers like this collection.

Best Date Wholesale Price

What are the Different Types of Dates?

What are the Different Types of Dates? Types of dates produced in Iran are:

  • Pyaram dates: Pyaram dates are the most expensive dates in Iran. It is a semi-dry date and is late ripening. It is in the group of semi-dry dates. The major sugar in it is fructose, which is easily and quickly used in the body’s metabolism and is very suitable as a permitted sugar consumed by people with diabetes. These dates are generally made in Hormozgan province.
  • Extra dates: Mazafati dates are the most well-known type of dates in Iran. It has a lot of moisture and has been popular with people.
  • Gentar dates: Gentar dates are among the wetter types of dates. This type of date can also be consumed as Khark and Rotab.
  • Colonial dates: Colonization is one of the examples produced in Iran. This date is in the group of semi-dry dates and therefore it is easy to transport and good for export.
  • Royal dates: Royal dates are one of the wetter types of dates that are considered first class and have many fans. This type of date has a soft and moist texture and it is used to prepare various types of date juice. It is also very colorful. Other names for this date that you may have heard of are Shawani and Khork. This type of date is mostly harvested in the groves of the pyramid.
  • Rabi dates: Rabi dates are among the semi-dry dates and have a good shelf life. This date is grown in large areas of Sistan and Baluchestan.

dates fruit benefits are very high and are useful for strengthening the immune system. dates fruit taste is great and that factor has made it so popular.

High Quality Dates for Sale

High Quality Dates for Sale If you are a buyer of first-class dates with export quality in stylish and unique packaging, you can proceed through the most reputable and top agencies for the supply and distribution of these products throughout the country. Also you can apply online directly from the date shopping center directly and without intermediaries. The price of export dates depends on several factors, the most important factors influencing the price of this product, in addition to the quality and brand of the region where it is produced, are the type of packaging, its production method and its transportation method in the country’s markets.

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