Best Barhi Dates to Export

Trading companies and exporters of dates prepare Barhi dates in different packages and export them to other countries. Traders and companies should remember that oily dates are considered wet dates, so they need high protection to keep them healthy and send them to distant places. They must be refrigerated at low temperatures

Best Barhi Dates to Export

What can We Make with Fresh Barhi Bates?

What can We Make with Fresh Barhi Bates? Barhi date can not be grown everywhere because it needs special weather conditions. This means that dates need lamb to cook or reach very hot weather and strong hot wind, and for this reason it is called Barhi because the word Barhi means strong hot wind. Barhi dates are also used to produce many natural foods and are generally one of the most nutritious dates because they provide a lot of energy and the amount of minerals and iron in this type of date is very high. For example, Barhi dates are used to produce date halva, ardeh dates, date lavish, date sugar, industrial alcohol, various cakes and local sweets, cakes or drinks.

Burhi dates have a hot and dry nature and are highly recommended for people who have a soda and cold nature. Between 3 and 5 of these dates a day can regulate your body temperament. To soften the chest of people who cough, it is recommended to cook 50 grams of this date in 1 kg of water and drink two to three cups of decoction of this date a day to see its effect on softening and eliminating dry chest. Of course, Barhi date syrup is very suitable for people who also have kidney problems, and even people who have back pain or joint pain are recommended to try this syrup. Barhi dates benefits are very high and due to having high iron, it is useful for strengthening red blood cells and prevents anemia.

Best Barhi Dates Supplier

Best Barhi Dates Supplier Buying dates from a date sales center without intermediaries gives us the assurance that we have quality and fresh dates and we reach our goal of buying cheap dates. Dates are supplied throughout Iran without intermediaries with the help of reputable sites, which makes us use quality and fresh dates from southern cities wherever we are in Iran. Order best Barhi dates online from production centers These days, as our lives move forward with technology, online shopping is one of the easiest and best ways for us to shop.

Today, due to the advancement of our technology, our way of life has changed. One of the most important changes is online shopping. One of the benefits of online shopping is saving time. So that you no longer need to spend time to go to the desired store and buy the required products, and we can set aside a few hours of our time for more useful work.

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