Best Anbara Dates Supplier

Anbara dates are one of the types of Iranian dates that have their own fans. Best anbara dates are full of energy and various properties so that in addition to oral use in traditional medicine of Iran and China, it is used as medicine. To buy and order Anbara dates at a cheap price, you can contact our suppliers or order this product through suppliers through our internet system so that it can be sent to you in the shortest time.

Best Anbara Dates Supplier

Anbara Dates vs Ajwa Dates. Which one is Better?

Anbara Dates vs Ajwa Dates. Which one is Better? Ajwa dates: This type of date is a combination of soft and dry types, it is sweet and soft in the mouth. These dates are said to have healing properties. This date is one of the types of dates without nectar. It has soft and sweet meat with healing properties. These dates are high in fiber and plant anti–oxidants. Most of the date palm plantations are located in Saudi Arabia and the city of Medina. The fruit of the oyster tree looks spherical and slightly elongated and its color is very dark brown.

Anbara dates: These large dates are popular because of their large, fleshy appearance and small kernels. They are also one of the most expensive types of dates! Anbara is sweet, brown and full of protein. Anbara dates are in the group of quality dates. Anbara palm fruit is soft and fleshy and has healing properties. The origin of these dates is Saudi Arabia and Medina. This date is one of the most delicious foods in the area. The appearance of this date is elongated and with little juice and wrinkles

Best Anbara Dates to Export

Best Anbara Dates to Export There are different date types in Iran. In this article, we will talk about the best export dates known as Anbara dates. This date is famous in international markets and has the title of the best date in the world. Due to its very special, delicious and meaty taste, it is the best brand of dates. This type of date has the best and most expensive commercial variety in the world, therefore, it is considered one of the best dates for export. This date is very high in calories, it contains many antioxidants and nutrients that are useful for digestion and heart health. Finally, we must say that the reason for its high price is that it has a longer ripening period than other dates and its tree is more sensitive to the weather and is similar in appearance to Majl dates and this similarity has made it marketable.

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